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Martin Ashley


"Martin Ashley goes above and beyond being your lawyer. He is warm, caring, understanding and genuinely cares about your well being. He finds all of the points that you miss in your planning. He is readily available and acts quickly on all ends. He is not the “typical” lawyer. He is professional - yet personable and easily reachable in every way. His passion for what he does and his knowledge for what he knows are only the beginning . . . I highly recommend him!" Gail Emery

"We had tried to work out our differences through counseling over the years, but it became clear that divorce was the only option. We had been married for over ten years and had a child to consider. At first we tried a mediator to help us to negotiate terms of separation, but neither of us was comfortable that she was considering our individual needs. We both needed our own attorneys. Martin helped me to collaboratively negotiate a fair settlement for a complicated divorce, without the need to go to court." Paul Matchen

"Thank you for all you have done for our family. We needed an attorney who could fight a very unusual custody battle, close on two houses at the same time, advise us on wills and probate, and have an immense amount of decency and compassion. We were fortunate to have found you. Your selflessness, dedication and hard work will always be appreciated." Stephen Ruland

"Mr. Ashley not only looked out for my rights and interests but took time to explain to me the best way to accomplish this divorce. Thanks, Martin." Victor Rivera

"Martin Ashley's knowledge and competence in matrimonial law proved invaluable to me during my recent divorce. His efficiency and capabilities relieved my stress, and removed any and all anxieties. I am grateful for his professionalism throughout my proceedings." Laura P.

"Mr. Ashley was the third attorney that I needed to retain for my divorce proceedings. So, I have a real basis for comparison. He got things done quickly, correctly and charged a reasonable fee. Believe me, there are good lawyers and bad ones. Mr. Ashley, in my opinion, is the best." Milt Laska

"I am an entrepreneur and small business owner and have been working with lawyers extensively through out my 25 year career. Martin is not your average attorney; he is a cut above the others; smart, responsive, practical and he knows his stuff! As a plus, he is great to work with during such a stressful time in one's life. Thank you Martin." Paul S. Goldner

"People always say to trust your lawyer, but first you need to find a lawyer you can trust. I was facing divorce and completely lost and overwhelmed until I met with Martin, whose expertise, dedication and steady calm were a relief. Martin and his assistant Judy not only knew the details of every step, but they kept me well-informed: They were always quick to return calls and e-mails, patient and understanding when I went into panic mode, and happy to explain and re-explain (and re-re-explain) things when I needed assurance. They were my first and best support system. While divorce is never an easy thing, Martin and Judy worked hard to ensure the entire process went as quickly and painlessly as possible." Donna P.

"I will always look back at this divorce and thank the gods that I had a lawyer like you working for me. The going got a little tough but you definitely made it as easy as you could .. THANK YOU" Sabine R.

"I would never have fared so well without your support, expert legal representation and kindness . . . I am genuinely appreciative of all that you did." Linda P.