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Martin Ashley

Collaborative Law

“No-Court Divorce”

For divorcing couples who want to avoid the battles inherent in the court process, Collaborative Law offers an alternative.

In this process, the husband and wife each choose an attorney trained in applying mediation techniques to divorce cases. One attorney represents the husband and the other represents the wife. Both attorneys advocate for their client, and also encourage both clients to discuss their needs and interests. Openly discussing what the husband and wife want and need leads to points of agreement that can be included in a divorce settlement.

All participants in the Collaborative Law process sign an agreement not to go to court – in fact, if the Collaborative Law process fails and the case goes to court, the husband and wife must choose different lawyers for their court divorce.

The advantage Collaborative Law has over court divorce is that every attempt is made to minimize the emotional pain and animosity of a divorce. This comes from letting go of the familiar court process of “taking positions” or “making demands”, and instead putting on the table what is most important to each spouse so that creative solutions can be found that both spouses find acceptable.

If you believe you and your spouse may benefit from a Collaborative Law divorce process, please schedule a consultation with Mr. Ashley at 914-276-2100

To learn more about collaborative law, you can visit, which is the site for the practice group I belong to.